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Emma Robin Williams is one of the main protogainist in the season of Rocker Girls! She is a great artist with her mother Joanna Cooper. She helps with her mother with her art company. She is the closest one to Meghan. She has dark brown eyes and, like her friends, she has blue eyes. She is voiced by Ashleigh Ball. 

Personality Edit

Although Emma can be sassy most the time, she is your typical 16 year old girl. Like any other 16 year old, she does her nails, hair and is interested in clothes. She does not like music cause "she does not have time, so she'll stick to art." 


Emma was born February 19, 1998. She never knew her father, due to him dying in a car crash. She keeps a picture of him in his room. And she only met him while meeting him in the hospital 4 days after him dying in the crash. His final words to Emma where I love you. Mrs. Williams had to sell off her company to a man named Christopher Roberts. Luckily, Christopher Roberts knew her from art school, thus leaving her to keep the company and name it W&R's Art. She always comes to dinner with The Roberts so the parents can work on their art.


  • Emma has dark brown hair while her mother has blonde, so that means she has her father's hair. 
  • Emma can't play any instrument but according to her she can play the "nothing."
  • She is basically the meanist of the group, according to Darcy and Owen. 
  • She has the same birthday as the creator of the show
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