Hannah Jessica Cooper is one of the main protoganist of The Rocker Girls! She is the second sweetest girl in the whole series. She is in love with peace. Her boyfriend's name is Nathaniel. She has medium brown hair and blue eyes. She is voiced by Kira Kosarin.


Hanna is one of the sweetest girls in her group. She and Emma do not get along earning the nickname softie. She thinks that Emma is a mean jerk who can't even play a note.She can play tons of instruments as off...

  • The Flute
  • The Piano
  • The Cello
  • The Violin 
  • The Saxophone


   When Mr and Mrs. Cooper's first child was born they were overjoyed. They knew that she would go places. They taught her many instruments, yet not peer pressring her. She played in many concerts and duels. She earned 3 medals from contest, yet not winning them all. She met Meghan in a violin competition. She was born December 16, 1998.

More to come when Season 1 of The Rocker Girls! ends! 


  • Hannah's last name was based off of Sheldon Cooper from the big Bang Theory. 

More to comeEdit

  • Hannah's gallery.
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