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Kaylee Vanessa Lawerence is a main protoganist in the series The Rocker Girls! She is the youngest girl in her group. She is a fashion prodigy who creates her clothes. She has been named "Sissy Prissy, GG, and not so great." She has blue eyes and light brown hair. She is voiced by Peyton List. 


According to Emma, she is "the sissiest in the world, who can't get down and dirty and has been afraid from germs since forever." She is very into fashion and does not like germs. She is very  popular.


Kaylee has been into fashion since forever, but, unlike Meghan and Hannah, has not played an instrument ever. Unlike her mother, who is a farmer, she does not like getting dirty. She is Logan's crush. 

More to come! 


  • Kaylee is a germaphobe.
  • She does not play instruments because of germs. 
  • She owns a blog called The Icecream Scoop. 
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