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Lilianna Charity Mccoy is an acting prodigy. She is 16 years old and has blue eyes and Dark Brown hair. She is the most enegetic of the group. She is also the fastest, but does not run well because of her adhd. She, said by Emma is "the most epic one out of the group, other than herself." She is voiced by Tara Strong. 


Lili is one of the sweetest of the group. She can win you over with just a smile. She is one of the best actors in the school. She plays in drama and there has not been one play she has not played in! Despite her ADHD, she can act as an old lady, a little girl or a troubling mother. Whatever it is, you can count on her! 


When Lilianna was born on January 4, 1998, she was diagnosed with ADHD. Her parents did not know she was diagnosed, because they left too early from the hospital. As Lili grew up, her symptoms got worse and worse. One day, they took 4 year old to the hospital to take an ADHD  test, finding out she had ADHD. When Lili was first in the play, she was the star of the show! Her singing was beautiful. That was when her acting carrer started! 

More to come when Season 1 of The Rocker Girls! ends! 


  • Lilianna is the most important character, showing the specialty of 
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