Welcome to the The Rocker Girls! WikiEdit

This is my new thing I have started! It is about 11 girls surviving the real world with twisting turns! There is one episode a day. Or two doesn't matter. 26 episodes a season. You can make your own but it must be approved by me! Contact me for approval. All rights served to the creaters of the bases I use :P

Rules and consequencesEdit

There are not alot of rules for the Rocker Girls! wiki, but please read them throughly.

  1. Treat others as you would like to be treated.
  2. No bad language. We would like to keep it safe for kids and a site parents would allow them on.
  3. No innapropiate junk, and if you do see consequences below.
  4. Absoulutely NO spam! Please see consequences. 
  5. If you are being bullied, tell an admin, Report the user to the admin and they will be banned. 
  6. No random slang on pages. 
  7. Do not be rude on chat. You will be automatically banned. 
  8. Do not abuse ANYONE including unknown users (wikia contributors) You will be blocked OR you will apologize to the user and promise not to do it again.
  9. No creating pages or posting comments that include a character dying unless it's your own or abuse The Rocker Girls!. The page, Thread or comment will be deleted automatically and blocked for two weeks. Do not even roleplay this on chat.
  10. Have fun!

  If you are to break any of the rules than you will be banned as other wikis do.                                                           

Bans     Edit

1. Warning. You will be banned for 2 days.

2. Strike. You will be baned for 2 weeks.

3. Strike 2. Banned for one month.  

4. Last straw. Banned for life. 

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The Rocker girls!

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